Editorial: Introducing The First Issue
Mohamed Hany El-Tonsy MD
Egyptian Dermatology Online Journal 1 (1): 1, June 2005

Department of Dermatology, Faculty of Medicine, al-Minya University, Egypt. ruhet@internetegypt.com
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The appearance of the first issue of "Egyptian Dermatology Online Journal"is the first step for enhancing communication between Egyptian dermatologists and the world. I inspired the idea for creation of the journal from the pioneer "Dermatology Online Journal" by Dr. Art C. Huntley. The advantages of scholar online scientific publishing are many and unique in nature. Online publishing is faster and far less expensive than traditional hard copy publishing, thanks to the fascinating progress in information technology. Easy access and storage of online journals cannot be challenged and the superior accommodation of images and multimedia are another advantages. 

Egyptian dermatologists (>2500 registered dermatologist) are highly qualified and trained. They have advantage of being exposed to a great diversity of dermatologic disorders. This advantage is due to many factors. Geographic location of Egypt in the center of the world, the large population (70 millions in January 2004) [1] and the social structure are important contributing factors.[2]  Communication with almost all known cultures of the world since the ancient Egyptian culture 7000 years ago, created a favorable environment for dermatology in Egypt. 

Comparing the volume of papers published in international journals to those published locally would indicate that Egyptian dermatologists prefer publishing in local dermatologic journals. This could be explained by the rising cost of publishing in international journals and the long time it take. This fact may have a negative impact on the standard of research of Egyptian dermatologists and would isolate them from world community of dermatologists.

 An Egyptian Online Dermatology Journal would hopefully encourage international publishing among Egyptian dermatologists and expose their scholar research and publication to their peers allover the world.

 Publications from the world dermatology community are encouraged to accomplish our mission and we aim for the journal to stand for the international scientific publishing standards    



1. Al-Ahram Weekly Online:17 - 23 June 2004 Issue No. 695.

2. Yahooligans! Reference: World Factbook:Egypt, Population

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