Egyptian Dermatology Online Journal, Volume 6 Number 1

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June 2010
An open-access, refereed publication
intending to enhance communication
between Egyptian dermatologists and the world.

A biannual scientific journal issued every June and December.


1. An Overview of Psoriasis with Respect to its Protein Targets
Pritish Kumar Varadwaj, Anju Sharma, Rajnish Kumar

Clinical Studies

2. Treatment of Verrucous Epidermal Nevus Using Long Pulsed Nd: YAG Laser
Abeer Attia and Mahmoud Saber Elbasiouny
3. Evaluation of thyroid function and presence of anti-thyroid peroxidase antibodies in patients with vitiligo
Hinah Altaf , Iffat Hassan Shah, Qazi Masood Ahmad

4. A Clinico-mycological Study of Onychomycosis
Mashkoor Ahmad, Sanjay Gupta, Satish Gupte

5. Skin Care Knowledge, Attitude and Practices among Pakistani Diabetic Patients
Fatma Hussain, Muhammad Arif and Munir Ahmad

Experimental Studies
6. Is the Difference in Keratinase Activity of Dermatophytes to Different Keratinaceous Substrates an Attribute of Adaptation to Parasitism?
 G.Venkatesan, A.J.A. Ranjitsingh, A.G. Murugesan, S. Gokulshankar and MS Ranjith

Case Reports

7. Perforating Pilomatricoma mimicking a Keratoacanthoma
 Jose Aneiros-Fernandez, Salvador Arias-Santiago, Husein Husein-ElAhmed, Ovidio Preda, Alina Nicolae, Francisco O`Valle, Jose Aneiros-Cachaza
8. Multiple Liposarcomas of the Groin: A Diagnostic Dilemma
Ashutosh Talwar, Neerja Puri and Majhail Singh

9. Primary Systemic Amyloidosis and the Dermatologist
 Mayanka Batra, Ritu Karoli, Cherry Bansal and Jalees Fatima

10. Severe Acute Generalized Exanthematous Pustulosis Induced by Hydroxychloroquine Mimicking Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis
 Khammassi Naziha, Ben Sassi Maha, Mohsen Dorsaf, Hamza Mohsen

11. Dowling Degos Disease
H. Gammaz, H. Amer, F. Ibrahim & M. Bagdady

12. Epithelioid Sarcoma
 H. Gammaz, H. Amer and O. Abd-Elghani

13. Focal Dermal Hypoplasia (Goltz Syndrome): A Case Report and Review of Literature
 H. Gammaz, H. Amer, A. Adly and A. Mohsen

14. Wells' Syndrome
 H. Gammaz, H. Amer, A. Adly and S. Mahmoud

15. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus in Male Masquerading as Pyrexia of Unknown Origin
 Parvaiz A Shah, Hamed B Khan, Javed A Basu, Ghulam H Bardi, Tajamul H Bhat and Iffat Hassan

16. Localized Immediate Type Hypersensitivity Reaction Following Intralesional Triamcinolone Acetonide into a Keloid
Amiya Kumar Nath and Mariette D'Souza


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